About Us

Company Profile

Mechcon was established in 1995 by Zahoor Bhutta and started providing subcontracting services to EPCM companies. Initially focused on fabrication, installation and commissioning of heavy industrial projects and successfully completed projects of multimillion dollars in cement manufacturing, polymer and oil refineries.

In 2002, Mechcon started providing EPCM services to its valuable clients. The following four years saw the company managed sustained growth with back to back completion of 05 shutdowns on cement plants, 03 of them were the up gradation of the projects.

In 2006, Zahoor Bhutta moved to Canada where he accomplished multimillion dollar projects in mining sectors while working with bpr-BECHTEL under engineering services program at Iron Ore Company of Canada (A company of Rio-Tinto Group) in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

We currently have operations in Pakistan and North America and are planning to expand in Middle East. We have built an outstanding track record for excellence, because we know that our future depends on positive performance and earning the client's respect from hard work.

Our services range from plant engineering, developing projects and construction, to installation and commissioning as well as maintenance and upgradation. Mechcon develops projects from concept, prepares feasibility studies, analysis of data, and alternate solutions to the problems.

Zahoor Ahmed Bhutta

Chief Executive Officer

Zahoor Ahmed Bhutta the Establisher and the CEO of Mechcon is a strong leader, excellent in monitoring & follow up, effective liaison to business areas, influential through consistent, concise, and clear communication. Innovative scenario planner, dynamic seeker of ideas. Good teacher & leader as well as good learner & follower. Social, understand the value of human relations in industry. Perform extraordinarily under pressure & when there is no power. Provide technical leadership to team, coach & mentor. Able to identify opportunities and an ability to translate client needs into compelling service offerings. Possess a balance of strategic and tactical strengths, with excellent planning and execution skills. Proven track record in building new business.

Intikhab Gohar

General Manager

Intikhab Gohar the General Manager of the company having rich experience of Management and technical as well is working with Mechcon since 2014. He has been proven a great asset for the company. From his working period the company has gone through number of projects and he was there to manage all the projects as well as the responsibilities of the Head office by using his immense experience of management. Intikhab Gohar is a man of calmness and bearing pressure is one of his key ability.

Shafiq Hashmi

Senior Project Manager

Shafiq Hashmi is one of the senior members of the company. He is enrolled as the Senior Project Manager. He is integrated with the experience of about 24 number of projects in the different companies. He has been involved in a multitude of management roles. His management role involved activities such as writing proposal, estimation, planning, task allocation, progress monitoring, and production support and people management. Major Work involves Requirements gathering, Designing and validation rules of the financial applications. Also managing the teams, Meeting with clients, Gathering Requirements, Share the all related documents, Developed or customized the product as per client's requirements.

Saqlain Rasheed

Finance Manager

Saqlain Rasheed working as the Finance Manager of the Mechcon is a key individual involved in the progress of the company. The finance of all the projects undergoing and Head office are controlled financed by him. His major roles include Financial Reporting and Bookkeeping, Budget preparation and Management Forecast, Payroll Management and Employees Appraisal, Management Reporting on Internal Deficiencies, Grants and Other Donations Management.

Imran Shabkhez Sarwar

Senior Engineer Projects

Imran Shabkhez Sarwar working as the Senior Project Coordinator is the man with strong technical skills. Focused, dedicated and talented engineer with a unique combination of high education and 12 year of experience in research & development and teaching. He has worked on motion control and dynamical analysis of these projects: pan tilt platform, hexapod, inverted pendulum, autonomous robots, vending machine, and electromechanical actuators. Published results from research in 4 journals. Worked independently, systematically and has good communication skills. Also possess 2 year experience in the field of oil & gas and projects.

Ghulam Ahmad

Project Manager

Ghulam Ahmad is holding the responsibilities of the Project Manager. He has provided his expertise to the number of projects successfully completed by the company. Due to his strong collaboration and communication skills the projects usually go smoothly. His dealing with the Engineers and workers present on the site is very responsive and reactive. He is becoming the prospective for the company..

Muhammad Adnan

Junior Project Manager

A Highly self –motivated individual having sound technical experience as Junior Project Manager at different company Projects. He specializes in project management. Mr. Adnan is manages project and tries to cope up with the pace of project. His friendly and cultivated attitude is helping the smooth running of projects.